Essential RV Equipment

If you are a lover of the RV lifestyle then you will be aware that adventure is the name of the game – but there’s no reason not to be comfortable once you hit the road or set up for that overnight stay.

Here are some items of rv equipment that will make your next RV adventure that much more fun.

1. A Memory Foam ‘Mattress Topper.’

A bed in an RV can double up as many things, a writing desk, a place to enjoy a snack. a small Internet cafe or just a place to kick back and enjoy a good book. A memory foam topper just elevates the comfort level. Add a couple of memory foam pillows and you’re living in the lap of luxury. Bonus – you’ll get a great night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed and ready to hit the road.

2. Foldable Solar Panels.

If your RV doesn’t come equipped with solar then there are a variety of portable options on the market. Folded up they take up next to no space and provide electricity for all those conveniences that make each trip a pleasure. Stereo systems. TV’s and lights, the possibilities are endless – and they have become steadily more affordable.

3. A Good Quality Tent.

half the fun of RV’s is having good friends visit you on the road. If you have a small RV then there may not be room for everyone – the addition of a tent can let everyone enjoy an overnight adventure.

4. LED Light Bulbs.

If you have an older model RV there’s every chance that it is still rocking old school incandescent globes. Not only are these becoming ever rarer – but they are also tremendously wasteful when it comes to electricity. Replace them with leds.

5. Folding Camping Table.

Sometimes it’s nice to sit outside and enjoy the natural environment. That’s when you need a folding camping table. Some variants also are height adjustable which can come in very useful for those who are using camping type sling chairs.

6. Fridge Brace.

Ensure that the food and soft drink bottles stay in place with these useful little brackets. You can get 2 for a little less than $10 – making them perfect for you or as a thoughtful gift.

RV adventures can be great fun – make sure that you get all the gadgets you need to get the most out of your trip.

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