RV Equipment That You Require

Before embarking on the thrilling road trip or adventure on your RV it is prudent to ascertain whether you have crucial equipment. Most RV dealers have a basic kit that is not sufficient to meet specific daily needs. Essential RV equipment that you must have included;

1. A quiet generator or solar panels

Realizing that you will be off the grid for a sequence of days or weeks makes it mandatory that you have a reliable power source. This will provide the power required to run your lights and appliances and to charge your electronics.

2. RV Waste Water Management

When you need to empty your waste water tanks you will need a longer hose to accomplish the task. It should be long enough to reach any dump tank but not too long such that liquids cannot move through the entire hose. Preferably the hose should be frosty clear so that you can tell when the emptying is complete.

3. Water Pressure Regulator

There is always a risk that the water pressure when you connect your trailer will be too high and cause an expensive pipe damage. A water pressure regulator between your fresh water hose and the trailer is a vital accessory.

4. Fire Extinguisher

Fire is a hazard everyone wishes they can avoid but sometimes accidents do happen. A cooking accident, faulty wiring or a spark of fire landing meters from your RV can cause large flames. Storing fire extinguishers makes it possible to deal with any fire eventuality that arises. A smoke alarm is also an important accessory that will alert you in the event you are asleep or not in the room.

5. Leveling Blocks

For the comfort and avoiding things falling over from cupboards you need your RV level. If you know what you are doing leveling an RV is an easy process. Leveling blocks make it easy and quick.

6. RV Entertainment Accessories

Depending on your entertainment preference you may carry a portable radio, a TV antenna or if you need access to cable TV which is provided at no additional costs in most resorts you will need a length of coaxial cable. If you need some extra entertainment make sure to bring some movies and a DVD player.

These are just some of the basic equipment you require for your RV trailers. As you get to spend more time on the road and in your RV you will develop a list of RV equipment’s and accessories that you require based on your activities and preferences.

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